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Apartment Blue Touches

Apartment Blue Touches

This airy apartment was designed for a family of three. The aim was to take into account the character and personality of the owners as much as possible. The interior is beautiful, simple and mixes Scandinavian, minimalist styles in a very harmonious way with Provencal accents.

The walls are all white, made of artificial brick somewhere, the floors are weathered and whitewashed to preserve the Scandinavian feel. The living room bathes in natural light due to the large windows. In such muted and peaceful colors, the dark veneer furniture in the living room looks beautiful and rather expressive. And a bold blue upholstered chair takes center stage!

The kitchen is very small, but its functionality has been increased with the help of a creative solution – an extension of the countertop that becomes a dining table with delicate legs next to the upholstered windowsill. The white decor is accentuated with the help of light wooden surfaces.

The master bedroom is a calming and calming room where wood reigns. The wall behind the bed is covered with warm, rather dark wood, the bedside tables are covered with light wood and the window frames are super light. The headboard and colors are matched in warm cocoa hues, and the curtains are dark brown to calm the space down.

I admire the main bathroom which is decorated with light natural wood which is a super hot trend right now. There is a large window that fills the room with natural light and curtains for the owners for privacy. Curtains, a lamp and textiles are black here, but look luxurious in the background made of calm natural wood.

The home office corner is also bright because it is placed by the window. It is highlighted by a dark wooden bookcase and bold square rug and turquoise curtains – such a bold and inspiring work atmosphere!

A small guest toilet also serves as laundry. Dark paneling on the walls hides a room here, behind which there is a washer and dryer – such a clever trick to free up the space!

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