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Apartment Brick Marble Decor

This apartment in a historic building with tall windows was designed by interior designer Magdalena Keck and is a perfect example of a modern, light-filled apartment with exposed bricks, reclaimed oak floors and marble.

The designer has chosen a calm and earthy color scheme for the decor: warm green, light and chocolate-colored woods are characterized by cream-colored and creamy tones. I like the spacious, airy and light-flooded appearance of the apartment.

The apartment has an open kitchen, dining and living area in one. There are three large windows that fill the room with light and a beautiful exposed wall that makes the room more noticeable. The living area has a couple of green leather couches, a low marble coffee table, and a large TV on a modern mid-century stand. The dining set is light and airy, the style is between modern and simply modern. The kitchen is clad in wood – light and chocolatey for a cool look and marble surfaces for a contrast.

The master bedroom is peaceful and also full of light. I consider this light to be one of the designer features of the room that makes it inviting. There’s an oversized statement artwork and a small one on the opposite wall. I also love the dresser made of beautiful dark wood that looks luxurious and textured. The designer tried to use textures and eye-catching materials as much as possible to make the decor more interesting: marble, wood, tile, brick. Another noticeable element of these rooms are lots of oversized works of art.

The guest room has a beige sofa, TV and sideboard all in one, plus a cool piece of art. The room feels airy and cool, like the rest of the apartment.

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