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Apartment Inspired by Hobbies

Many rooms and houses seem a bit too ordinary and mainstream, they seem to lack personality. How do i add it? Nothing personalizes a home more than hobbies, passions and things that we love and that are reflected within. Such elements add character and look charming to the room, and the apartment we share today offers just such solutions.

The entire design of this apartment in Taiwan is inspired by the owners’ favorite motifs and passions. Since they enjoy cycling and reading, you can see a number of floating shelves in the living room that hold books, collectibles, and a bike. I have to say that a bike rack looks really natural, it’s perfectly integrated into the decor. The owners also like handcrafted items, so the designers added pieces that show off artisanal beauty.

The interior is modern, I would say minimalist, it is very harmonious and even flowing. The main room is an open plan arrangement of a kitchen, living room and dining area in the kitchen. The color palette is neutral and the materials are pretty simple. The quirky details like a bike and some shelves add an interesting twist to the interior so that it doesn’t look like a mainstream.

The social spaces are all connected to one another and form an open volume with clear background walls, tile floors, and occasional accents of industrial metal and rustic wood. The bedroom is a separate room. It has that minimalist wall unit, hardwood floors and a decor that is still simple yet very cozy and comfortable.

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