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Bachelors Pad On A Budget

This bachelorette party in New York’s West Village is not a cave, full of air, light and peaceful colors. It’s a perfect place to sit back and relax or chat with friends. The uniqueness of this apartment is that it is done in light gray, no moody colors and spaces, as the owner wanted lots of light and a spacious look that can be easily achieved with light and refreshing colors.

The soft gray walls emphasize the light, while panes of glass in the doors between the bedroom and living area increase the feeling of space in the small apartment. Dove gray is perhaps the main color that Décor Aid chose for this renovation. Take a look at the living room: you will find dove gray walls, blinds, a rug, sofa and chairs. The furniture is simple, comfortable and modern, everything is made with functionality. There are various works of art and decorations that make the room more original: metal circles, wall art, vases and wooden balls.

The bedroom is spacious and inviting, the decor seems to continue the living room theme. An upholstered bed, gray carpet, and bedside tables make the space comfortable and very inviting. To make the decor more eye-catching, designers added various textural accents: cool, yearning wall art pieces, various textiles in appropriate colors, and an upholstered bed.

There are almost no bold details in this apartment, just some fabrics in the living room, so the space looks very relaxing and calm, and the owner can spice it up if he just wants to add a few colorful details.

The apartment is very welcoming and quiet, it’s a perfect relaxing oasis in a big city where we always hurry.

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