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Beachside Villa Design

Do you fancy a vacation? If you can’t do it now, but still want to feel the sea breeze, I have a feast for the eyes that will make you feel the breeze for sure. This lovely beach home is stylish yet straightforward with breathtaking views of the water.

White was chosen as the main decorative color because it reflects the light and creates a cool background for bold shades. The room is open plan and the kitchen, dining area and living area are combined. The fireplace has large glass floats covered with a net to remind you that this is a waterfront villa. The furniture is white and neutral, with lots of light wood in the decor, and the dining area can be opened to the outside. The kitchen corner is small and white, very functional. The space is open to a terrace with lounge chairs with a breathtaking view. The terrace also has a dining area with lots of green and completely protected from the sun.

There are several bedrooms and they are really whites and neutrals. The first features whitewashed furniture, a vintage chandelier, and cool cactus photo artwork on the wall. The second bedroom is also whitewashed and neutral, but with a very boldly patterned blue bedspread. The guest room with two beds has textile colors: bedspreads, pillows and curtains.

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