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Cool Small Front Porch Design Ideas

If you have a small porch and only have some space to decorate, which is better to choose? The most common thing on any porch is greenery. So choose your favorite plants and decorate your veranda with original planters. If you have more space, add a couple of chairs or ...

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Bold Lounge Chair

font bold | Møb

Modern and bold furniture can make a statement or completely change the room. The more conspicuous the surfaces, upholstery and shapes, the cooler it looks. If you love sculptural and bold furniture that stands out with cool design, you might like this Varhany chair! Flatpack, foam and so much fun! ...

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Home With Amazing Lake Views

Modern Swedish Dream Home with Amazing Lake Views - DigsDi

Splinter Creek is a Mississippi community focused on sustainable and comfortable living that has just completed their model home development. The design is based on the classic Dogtrot layout, with the view of the water and forests in the foreground. The simple half-timbered house was inspired by the agricultural structures ...

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Canopy Ideas For Bedroom

13 Canopy Bed Ideas - Best Canopy Bed Desig

Long considered a sign of luxury, four-poster beds carved and decorated in the most expensive ways were no longer for everyone and now this is affordable luxury that you can get anytime. They are making a big comeback and everyone wants them! Why? Because a four-poster bed is super dreamy ...

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Cool Track Lighting Ideas

32 Cool And Functional Track Lighting Ideas - DigsDi

We often spend a lot of time choosing décor, furniture, and accessories, but what about lights? Lights can easily change the look or make a statement in your home, and they have already become an important part of the interior design. Today I want to talk about track lighting, which ...

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Small Apartment Young Girl

Small Modern Apartment For A Young Girl - DigsDi

Small apartments should combine functionality and comfort while remaining as spacious as possible. This modern apartment for a young lady is just such an apartment, and functionality is combined with cool design here. Let’s take a closer look. There is an open layout with a living and sleeping area divided ...

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Beautiful Vintage Halloween Decor Ideas

35 Beautiful Vintage Halloween Décor Ideas | DigsDigs | Halloween .

Vintage decorating ideas are very popular these days and are used by many designers to create. Feel like a designer and organize your own vintage Halloween! First, look for old things your grandma or great-grandmother might leave behind – they can help you: old photos, dishes, statuettes, and candle holders. ...

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Contemporary Loft Apartment

21 Contemporary Loft Apartment Design Ide

This 85 square meter apartment was designed by the Israeli studio Milic Harel Architects and overlooks a small park near the core center of Tel Aviv. The previous layout was dark and claustrophobic due to its many partitions and a dramatic 1 meter high concrete beam in the center of ...

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Creating Furniture Yourself

Design 3.0 Furniture Series For Creating Furniture Yourself - DigsDi

Many of us love DIY furniture and accessories because they make it possible to get something unique. But what if you’re not that good at crafting and want something modular to choose and use? There is a good idea for you and those of you who want to create something ...

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Most Cool And Wacky Basements Ever

5 The Most Cool And Wacky Basements Ever - DigsDi

Usually people have garages, workshops, or just store things in their garages. Only sometimes do you find a playroom, guest room or home theater in a basement. Although some people go further and turn their basement into an indoor swimming pool, sports field, or even a night club. We have ...

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