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Contemporary Ranch House

This Texas ranch has been updated by Root Design Company to suit the demands of a contemporary lifestyle and the transformation is truly spectacular.

The home is on a cliff and overlooks a wooded area that is cantilevered at one end. The updated design of the ranch house features a metal roof and black exterior, which are complemented by light wood elements. A wrap-around deck extends the indoor spaces outdoors and is shaded by the roof overhangs.

Although the ranch was furnished with high-quality finishes, part of the decor is still characterized by rustic charm. Large glazed areas welcome the outside area and open up the interior spaces to the panoramic view. The range of materials used throughout the new design include wood on the ceilings, zinc countertops, raw steel doors and shelves, all of which are used in combination with clean plaster surfaces that create a strong and beautiful contrast.

There’s a gazebo framed by a lovely accent wall that looks like a huge firewood storage niche with a fireplace and a built-in TV. This cool design is repeated throughout the new design of the ranch. There are various other shapes that act as a visual link between the original rustic design and the new contemporary look of the property. The pool deck also offers a great view of the surrounding landscape.

A new guest retreat was added with the renovation of a 1976 Airstream RV. The interior is a mixture of wood paneling and silver surfaces.

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