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Cute Lamps For Kids Rooms

When decorating your children’s room, lamps and lights are among the most important points, because children’s rooms and children’s rooms should be comfortable and welcoming, and enough light creates a necessary ambience. We’ve already shared some great ideas and today I want to make it easier for you to choose and introduce some of the coolest kids lamp designs you can buy right now. Ready? Let’s start!

Markus came up with the idea for the Giffy table lamp after looking at a photo of giraffes standing next to acacia trees, surrounded by the colors of the sunset on the savannah in central Africa. The beautiful pattern on the body of a giraffe has been reinterpreted as cavities in the birch plywood, and the 1.5 m long, color-coordinated, fabric-covered accord winds casually through it. A simple on / off switch is on the chord where it meets a table top.

These miniature flashlights are made from upcycled plastic and are available in an animal kingdom where hair stands in feathers or spikes on end and their colorful nature transforms the creatures of little fantasy types into a functional table lamp.

Bero is a friendly smart lamp that lights up and gives your home a loving warmth. The Bero is a perfect addition to a children’s room. It offers them a dear friend to trust or whom they can trust, and at the same time is a beacon of light, hope and happiness for them. The Bero comes as a pair with a large Bero that functions as a standalone lamp, while the small Bero can be carried around and used as a mini flashlight.

The Dutch artist Dick Bruna told his one-year-old son stories about a little rabbit that he once saw while on vacation in a village off the North Sea coast. Then Miffy was born. Even if you’re unfamiliar with this cute and whimsical character from Holland’s best-selling children’s book series, you can still invite her to your home to light up your life.

Ready to bring a real moon to your home? Luna Lanterns is a series of glowing and realistic looking moon lamps. They come in all different sizes – from 3.2 “to 23.6” to match your interior. So dreamy! This is perfect lighting for almost any room – for a bedroom to create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere, for a reading corner, for a children’s room, for every social area in your home, to enjoy the look and relax together.

The Portuguese designer André Valério was inspired by this story for this anthropomorphic table lamp made of cork. The result is so cute and fun! There is a cork and an MDF version of this little animal lamp that would look cute on your bedside table. The light goes through his eyes and belly. Your children would be delighted if such a cute piece lights up the darkness near them.

Your child will sleep much more comfortably with this large rabbit lamp companion from Lidor. This large and soft rabbit can be placed next to the bed on the bedside table and your child can play with it during the day.

This kawaii moon shape LED night light will delight both children and adults! Fluffy light doesn’t harm kids’ eyes, it’s a super cute pear light that creates a soft, soothing sheen when turned on. The smiling part is made of non-toxic PVC and is illuminated by LEDs, so it stays cool for little hands even if it’s left on for long periods of time. With its cheeky smile, it is sure to be a calming companion for your child.

Little Cloud is a functional art object that brings physical light, peace and love. With two different light intensities, it can be used wirelessly or connected to a socket. Even if you don’t have kids, buy it yourself!

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