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Dramatic Display Noa Divan by Longhi

The designer Silvia Musetti has designed a sofa that is worth every opera house and adorns each of your rooms – it’s Noa Divan. The Noa’s elegant, sinuous lines have a feminine grace, and the piece is like an evening prom gown suitable for a city opera. The frame Noa Divan by Longhi is covered with hard-wearing polyurethane foam and provided with tufted cushions. This upholstery not only looks luxurious, it feels like it too. The buttons used to create the deep rows of tufts are available in matching upholstery or, to capture this additional shine, with luxurious Swarovski crystals. There are a variety of metallic surfaces: light yellow gold, rose gold, polished black chrome, polished silver chrome or matt satin bronze. Your presence will not go unnoticed!

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