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Drypool Bath Allows Relax Without Getting Wet

Do you love a bath? Taking a bath can be relaxing to the point that I don’t know anyone who takes a bath just for cleaning purposes. That said, it takes a lot of water to fill up and a lot of time to dry off afterwards. It’s not very efficient when it comes to relaxing activities, I say. By working with Neocogita, Starpool got an idea of ​​what they called a drypool, which is like a water bed, only that it’s actually more of a bath.

I imagine you could sleep in it, but it’s not what it’s made for. Zerobody gives you more swimming sensation than a waterbed and keeps you warm during your relaxation sessions. Seems like their intended audience will be mostly office workers and maybe spas, and it could be some kind of funky yet functional living room addition. This thing is great for short breaks to calm your mind or for a long break after a busy day, maybe in front of a TV or with a good song, all dry and with clothes on.

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