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Eccentric Coil Lamp

Exactly what powers this lamp is what makes this lamp off! The unusual use of electrical cables as a design element makes the coil lamp such an unusual beauty.

If you simply use two intersecting pieces of laser cut acrylic as a frame, the 100 foot extension wire will wrap around that frame and become the lamp itself! The humble extension cord becomes an important element – even the main design element, wow, such a brilliant idea! Who needs a special design when there is a colorful string that can speak for itself?

The coil reduces the household lamp to the absolute minimum of defining elements. A single power cord wraps around a seemingly empty volume, defines the iconic shape of a table lamp and ultimately supplies a single light bulb with electricity. This is a limited edition and buyers will receive the laser cut acrylic frames, lamp adapter, 100 ‘orange extension cord, and 1 CFL lightbulb.

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