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Eclectic And Cozy Virginia Home Decorated by Its Owners

This lovely home with eclectic decor belongs to a young family with three children and was decorated by the mother of the family. The house’s multi-purpose cellar offers space for overnight guests, serves as a playroom for the children and as an office for the parents. The front door opens directly into the living room. The homeowners sealed it with chicken wire and added a homemade cloakroom, shoe basket, and red vintage toolbox as a bench to create a functional foyer. The living room and dining room open to each other and thinner, lighter parts maintain the airy atmosphere. The home’s kitchen follows the same formula as the rest of the home, with surfaces painted white, warm and organic upholstered furniture, and black accents. The bedroom is more colorful than the common areas of the house with its collected, bohemian style.

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