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Eclectic Apartment Blue Interior

This unique South Kensington apartment is a beautiful place with strong blues and a stylish eclectic style. Let’s take a closer look at this unusual house.

The living room is a light-flooded, spacious room with a lot of cheerful blue in the decor: the walls and some furniture are kept in this shade. A diamond-upholstered, calm, blue sofa is a focal point of the room, and there are also two matching chairs by the window. The bottom is white but with a striking geometric pattern in black. Whimsy red sconces and a cool white fireplace and bird figures make the room even more eye-catching, and this combination of blue and white looks sophisticated and relaxing.

The bedroom is an oasis of pure relaxation. I bet this color goes perfectly with rooms where you want to rest. Besides this lovely blue shade, I want to mention the amazing and sophisticated white stucco on the walls that gives the room a luxurious feel. The clearly arranged rooms look bigger and more airy, which is why the bedroom is the same. Take a look at this wardrobe, it’s so moody and reminiscent of a safe. Unique and sophisticated furniture continues the bedroom decoration theme.

Here we can also see the bathroom, it is made of black and white tiles covered with a geometric pattern, but the ceiling has the same shade of blue as in the other rooms that connect the bathroom with the other rooms.

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