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Eclectic Home Turquoise Touches

Interior designers and artists always decorate their homes in a special way, achieving looks so amazing that we are simply out of breath. This is one of those cool houses owned by interior designer Sarah Lavoine and located in Paris. What I want to highlight is a great use of color: she used exceptionally deep turquoise in different rooms.

The living room is connected to the dining area, and the entire space is made up of white floors and walls. The sloping ceiling does not make the room look small, on the contrary, it gives an airy feeling as it is quite high. The entire space is pierced with black accents: there’s a geometric black wall that defines the dining area and some chic black designer furniture – a chair, table, and lamps. What I really love is the use of bold turquoise chairs and a coffee table on an emerald glass base – they stand out in amazing ways in a monochrome room.

The master bedroom is decorated in the same style: there is a white ceiling and floor and black walls. Again, a monochromatic room is colored with a bold turquoise bedspread, an orange work of art, and a bedside table covered in green fabric. The padded bed and cool linens make the bedroom cozier and more inviting, and a selection of designer lamps add chic to the room.

Another place you can see bold turquoise is at the entrance. Here you can see a statement wall in this color and an industrial metal staircase, as well as some mirrors in different shapes that make the wall stand out even more.

There is a creative designer work area outfitted with a checkerboard table and chairs, a pink wall, and multiple works of art, both sculptures and pictures. This area makes the owner feel creative and get inspiration from their looks.

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