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Eclectic Home With Retro Vibe

This edgy and eclectic house with a retro feel in Paris looks heavenly and unique. The owners designed the home themselves and displayed an eclectic collection of possessions in each room.

The owners like dark and worn unexpected colors that they refer to as “North Sea colors” because they have their own character. The living room is decorated in a unique shade of green and looks soft thanks to it and faux fur and velvet, which are used for upholstery and carpets. I love the wall sheet LED lamps, which are unexpected but blend in perfectly with the interior. A dark velvet sofa and tan leather armchair boldly stand out, and neutral chairs and stools complement the decor.

The cuisine is moody too, with a strong industrial feel. Blue and green tiles on the wall define the sleeping space in the kitchen, dark olive green cabinets stick to the style. There are stainless steel and copper accents that, along with an exposed metal ceiling, create an industrial space. The dining area overlooks the terrace, and a glazed part of the wall and ceiling floods the room with light, which is so important in a dark room.

The master bedroom is dark ocher, the lamps reflect the color. The bed linen is also in atmospheric tones, and bold works of art from the owners’ collection embellish the room. The master bathroom has industrial accents and shades of gray. A worn, vintage bathtub and industrial mirror artwork add character to the bathroom.

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