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Extended Family House

If you are a fan of modern and minimalist spaces with an airy feel, you will love this house!

The new home for an extended family, designed by Bangkok-based studio Anonym, is on the same property as the owner’s old home. The two residences are aligned parallel and separated by a swimming pool, which is part of the original residential program. Black aluminum panels wrap the outside wall to maximize privacy, while natural light and wind are still present in the house. Wood, metal and concrete contrast in the design of the new house and create a modern sculptural structure that blends in with the natural surroundings.

The communal area in the middle of the property in which the pool is located connects and at the same time contributes to the visual separation between the two residential buildings. It teaches the overload of the program and allows family members to see and interact with one another. Anonymous’ house is surrounded by the lush greenery of the trees and garden, and embraces the succulence from all directions except for the wall facing west. The allocation of toilets and storage rooms that will help filter the afternoon heat and intent. Exposed concrete has been poured in to reflect the owner’s taste and preference for suppleness and simplicity.

The interior decor is minimalist yet luxurious, the rooms are perfectly balanced and look very zen-like. The use of materials binds outdoors and indoors, and the rooms feel airy thanks to extensive glazing. Although a lot of minimalist rooms don’t look cozy and too cold, this house is not one of that type. Enjoy the pictures!

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