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Family Home Industrial Elements

HAO Design was asked to renovate this home in Taiwan to perfectly fit the lifestyle of each family member. The challenge was that every person has different needs and that they should all be considered in the design. The studio succeeded, let’s take a look at the result.

The house is a striking combination of industrial and classic elements. It caters to the owners’ personal taste and style while attending to their needs. The floor plan of the interior covers a total area of ​​110 square meters, which is divided into an open social zone and a private zone. The furniture is quite noticeable and there are some industrial elements, especially in the home office zone that was built for the husband.

The original layout has been changed to suit customer needs and the new kitchen is now adjacent to the balcony with sliding glass doors that let in plenty of natural sunlight. There is also a special area on the balcony for growing plants outdoors, accessible directly from the kitchen – it’s a kind of city garden.

The master bedroom is decorated in gray, white and blue tones that correspond to the classic influences of the living area. The decor and ambience here is calm, serene, and relaxed – just how a bedroom should be, isn’t it?

The nursery has a unique unit consisting of a bed and several storage modules underneath, built in due to the small size of the room. A blackboard wall inspired creativity and saved the walls from being completely covered with pictures.

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