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Functional Portable Lamps

Functional Portable Lamps

The outdoor season has begun and portable lamps are super current as you can use them not only indoors but outdoors and even take them with you to picnics and hikes. If you are interested in the latest models, take a look.

Originally advertised as a portable light cube by Rubik, the Enevu is cute and yet robust and is suitable for both soft ambient light and radiant surface light. The LEDs can be programmed for color and intensity so that the Enevu is the best light in every scenario. Its waterproof / splash-proof design makes it arguably the best beach light or even camping light.

The minimal brick light has an LED panel on one side and is activated when it is lifted and deactivated when it is laid flat. The portable lamp is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery that lasts five hours before it needs to be charged. The battery is powered by a USB port and a detachable cable.

Guidelight has multiple functions as it is a flashlight, work light and ambient light, all of which are packed into one convenient, portable package. The sphere above contains an LED light that can easily be turned from a spotlight to a mood light. It can be carried, hung or placed on a table as needed. There is a dimming function and a battery that is charged via USB. When the lamp is fully charged, you will get 10 hours at altitude or up to 150 hours at the lowest intensity.

Candela Glow 4 rechargeable lights from OXO offer contemporary lighting at a reasonable price. These cool portable lights have a simple look that blends in anywhere with a warm, candle-like glow.

The Elmetta Smart table lamp can be moved around and taken to another location. Each lamp has a brightly colored anodized aluminum shade and a polished, curved metal handle that creates a tone-on-tone look.

The small, self-contained design works both indoors and outdoors and consists of a swinging lampshade made of white polycarbonate. When it needs charging, just plug it into a USB port. The LED light even has a dimmer so you can create the right mood anywhere.

BioLite’s BaseLantern is the latest slim, rechargeable lantern designed for brightening up camping, festivals, garden gatherings, or home use at night, and does a lot more. This is a light plus power idea with a larger light source, longer battery life, the ability to connect to other lights, and some charging ports.

Nox is a cordless lamp that allows you to take it with you wherever you need light, including outdoors. With its wireless charging system with induction technology, you can use it without a plug. Its touch dimmer offers everything from soft light at a dinner party to much brighter light for reading. All of this makes it the perfect companion in bed.

Nomadic lamps are inspired by travel items from the early 20th century such as leather bottles, suitcases and weapons. The three cast concrete lamps are cordless and can be charged via an induction charging system that is built into an accompanying shelf. The light itself can easily be switched on and off via a touch sensor.

The minimalist silhouette of the UMA, reminiscent of the traditional lantern, and its well thought-out, slim aesthetic make it suitable for any atmosphere or setting. The warm LED can do more than just turn it on and off: adjust the intensity with a dial to create the perfect ambience, whether you’re dining, lounging by the pool, hanging out on the beach, or camping.

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