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Furniture Made Laminates

What would you say about the same furniture collection for the whole house? The furniture for every room that looks the same and connects all your rooms with each other? Making a set of furniture that looks like they are part of the same family is quite a design challenge, but designer Wiktoria Lenart managed to create one such collection.

SPOT is a furniture series that consists mainly of laminates, with each piece of furniture also serving as a storage space. Almost all furniture has an A-shaped cross-section or a design detail. This sets a visual standard and makes elements stackable. The design is clear, functional and, above all, modular; The blonde wood and muted colors of SPOT are sleek and light, creating a neutral palette that is easy to customize.

The collection includes a loft bed, a single bed, a desk, a wardrobe, a dressing table and much more that can be mixed and matched. The loft bed has built-in drawers and cupboards that can be neatly stowed away, while the single bed has a space-saving drawer underneath. Removable felt bags are a useful and decorative accessory that can be hung on the A-frame of the desk or on the roll cabinet to stow particularly flexible items.

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