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Glazed Facade House

Vaughn McQuarrie’s New Zealand home is built like a small village. It has a large, double-height room in the middle and several single-story areas arranged around it. There are also two mezzanine platforms and a back alley that brings the house closer to an old stone wall that sits on the adjacent property. There is a really nice dynamic in and around the house. There is a total of 247 square meters of living space.

The house is open to the surroundings at both ends. It has fully glazed facades that let in lots of natural light and expose the interiors to the view. The spiral staircase is not only a functional element in the design of the house, but also a sculptural feature that increases visual appeal and general elegance while still saving space.

The central room in the core of the house is the social zone, where family and guests gather by the fireplace, enjoy the cozy ambience and admire the view. The walls are made of precast concrete and the beams are made of steel. The polished concrete floors are offset by wooden ceilings and room dividers. The occasional accent color brightens up the decor and connects everything in a harmonious way.

The two mezzanine platforms are connected by a walkway that runs along the side of the house. They remain separate and each have their own structure and arrangement. The sleeping area is cozy and has its own bathroom. Wooden partitions frame the bed and contrast it with the bathroom, while ensuring privacy. The guest room on the ground floor is also very cozy and offers a beautiful view of the garden. The work area / home office is on the other mezzanine platform. It’s an open space with great views of the area.

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