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Handle Less Natural Kitchen Design Vao by Team7

The Vao kitchen was designed by Sebastian Desch for Team7. It was recently presented at Eurocucina 2010 and continues the line of Team7 kitchens made of pure natural wood, which have similar simple and elegant shapes. The front of the kitchen island with a re-entering base on the sides is provided with a delicate bracket to create a feeling of lightness and to highlight the beauty of the wood. This elegant framework is also continued in the kitchen units and in the upper and middle cupboard areas. The drawer fronts are 21 mm thick, which underlines the character of this natural wood and, in combination with the visible end grain on the sides, improves the feeling of this sensual material every time a drawer is opened. The fronts are available in 7 different types of wood, each of which brings a different air to the room due to its special character. The vao kitchen worktop is available in natural stone, quartz or compact high-pressure laminate. The new handleless design of the Vao kitchen is another amazing work done by Team7.

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