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Home Unique Sloping Architecture

This spacious villa is located in Tremelo (BE) on a large plot of land surrounded by pine trees. The house was designed for a couple with two children who wanted something “special”. In other cases OOA is very conceptual in the approach of a design, here we just let it flow.

Taking into account the building regulations, we started to shape the house according to the desired programs. We played with the basic architectural elements and principles and removed the usual references by using curved walls, different ceiling heights and light. The flowing lines of the plan unfold over five levels. The entrance to the house, which is half a level lower than the road, is accessed via a slope within a concrete frame in an artificial landscape. Although the programs merge into one another, natural light offers a unique atmosphere on each level: The continuous light scattering on the curved walls underlines the impalpable framework. The sloping balustrade, made of parabolic cables, reinforces the interweaving of the various rooms.

On the next level we find the kitchen connected to the garden and the slope to the living room. An elongated dome in the sloping ceiling / roof shows the way to the highest zone, the children’s room. At this level we also find the bathroom as a natural result of all previous decisions. The space pushes itself through the traffic area, accelerates temporarily (the stairs as a connection between the levels), and then expands again and intensifies the dramatic effect. The visual language is characterized by emotions and lively agility. The views that are torn away from the fixed grid are nevertheless clearly framed and shifted backwards. This emphasizes the organic forms. The seemingly increased volume creates a feeling of massive weightlessness. Life unfolds, turns away from the street and orientates itself on the gardens. The artificial landscape that emerges inside is well defined and flows back to the surrounding lawn.

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