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Home With Eccentric Decorations

This house is perhaps one of the most eye-catching rooms I’ve ever seen – it’s not about bold colors, it’s about contemporary art and unique pieces of furniture. This is a large three story house renovated by the Amsterdam studio Cocoon Living.

The house has white walls and ceilings, but dark hardwood floors clad in a herringbone pattern that creates a bold contrast and simple backdrop for artwork. The eclectic mix of furniture and decorations creates a beach feeling, but it’s not the touch of the sea, it’s a cold sea feeling that is characteristic of the Netherlands. You can see Versailles baroque chandeliers next to seashells, a mirror whose spokes are reminiscent of the sun that warms the African savanna mixed with a reproduction of a scarlet ibis, a bird native to South America. Works of art can be found everywhere in this house and create a very inspiring and artistic ambience. With the exception of one, all rooms are rather reserved in the color palette.

The only colorful room here is a kid’s room with a flower paper lamp, curtains, pillows, and a colorful striped rug. This is a girls room. So why not use flowers and bright colors? I love the modern, pure white bathroom with black taps and accessories and a chic, glamorous brass chandelier that adds a beautiful touch. And what’s your favorite room here?

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