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Home With Glazed Walls

This Southern California home has been renovated and transformed into a bold, modern family home that’s full of light and air. The renovation is being carried out by the owner and his company, some items have been specially created for this house.

This austere, minimalist 2,000-square-meter home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a sunny interior, and inside-out access points in almost every room. Characteristic features include a cantilevered roof to create living space from the air.

The interiors are open spaces that are filled with lots of light and air. There are glass-enclosed walls that allow for a cool view and let in natural light. The walls are white and the floors are covered with light wood to create a welcoming atmosphere. The decor is minimalist: there is no unnecessary furniture, and even the rooms for children are confusing: there is only furniture that is in need. The storage space is hidden behind a cladding made of white oak. The kitchen is connected to the dining area and flows seamlessly into the living room, which itself flows into a home office. The nursery has hidden storage space and is mainly white. There are only a few colorful details here and there.

Solar control, solar photovoltaics, solar hot water, low-e shop windows, insulated building envelope and EcoBatt insulation make this house environmentally friendly. There is a large outdoor area covered with wood. The deck has some comfortable furniture and there are some swings for children. Check out this lovely house below!

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