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House Exposed Wooden Beams

House Exposed Wooden Beams

This beautiful house in Christianshavn in Copenhagen was founded as a forge at the end of the 17th century. Now it’s a nice mix of original architecture (like the open fireplace) and modern elements. It has been completely renovated by the owners themselves.

The color scheme they used is neutral, a little muted with just a few pops of color like a lavender curtain or a yellow sofa, and that makes the interiors very peaceful and relaxing. Thanks to the use of white paint and Dinesen Heart Oak for the floors, beams and furniture, every room has a truly Scandinavian flair.

The owners love to explore antique shops and flea markets, where most of the furniture in the living room was found except for the sofa which was a new piece. This sunny yellow object creates a positive ambience and looks rich in contrast in the neutral living room.

The open fireplace, which was originally the heart of the blacksmith’s shop, not only serves as decoration and warmth, but also for cooking. The kitchen is made of Dinesen heart oak, which was also used to decorate the house. The original wooden beams have been renovated throughout the house including the kitchen to give the house a cozy and sophisticated look.

The bedroom is quiet, airy and flooded with light. Nothing here distracts attention from sleeping and relaxing by a wood-burning stove that provides warmth and cosiness. Simplicity and filtering are the keywords in this loft bedroom with exposed Dinesen oak beams. A single Y-chair next to the stove gives the room character.

Even the bathroom in this house is quiet and flooded with light thanks to the windows and the cool sink cabinet from the same Dinesen trademark.

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