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House With Adorable Furniture

Blaze Makoid Architecture’s Old Orchard is a stunning family home made of steel and wood cubes with glass ends for a perfect balance of the elements.

This modern apartment has a beautiful design and the more you look at the pictures, the more eye-catching details you will see. The owners have a great taste in furniture and art, these items really fill every room in a tasteful way. Let’s take a look at the living room: there are white and warm-colored wooden walls, but a glazed one is perfect for connecting with the outdoors. There’s a couch, a couple of sculptural chairs, a hanging black fireplace, and cool gold-plated stools that double as coffee tables. The wooden wall acts as a room divider between the living room and dining room. The dining area has a cool lamp, a dining table with geometric legs and comfortable upholstered chairs.

The master bedroom is at its best connected to the outside areas: there are glazed doors to the garden which can be opened at any time. The bed is framed, there is a cool sideboard and a sculpture on a stand, it gives the room a beautiful touch. The bedroom has the best views and the owners can simply open the doors to breathe in the fresh air.

Glazing is widely used throughout the home to create an open space and to connect indoor and outdoor areas. The landscape architect with this house couldn’t have done a better job. The pool doubles as a reflective pond and creates a dynamic surface. Be inspired by the adorable pictures of this house below!

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