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Industrial Apartment Green Touches

This modern, open and welcoming space perfectly marks its owners, a married couple who are serious about sports, especially skiing. You often go to Austria, love this country, especially its alpine part, and therefore wanted an Austrian interior.

The style chosen for the apartment is industrial chic, with gray and bold green accents that are reminiscent of the mountains. Concrete is one of the most common materials here: it covers multiple walls, the kitchen island, and multiple shelves, and its calm gray color makes a perfect backdrop for highlighting various bright spots and textures. Light wood was also used as a decoration to add a cozy touch to the industrial space and to create a contrast to cold concrete. Several brick walls underline the industrial space and give it a striking look.

The living room is a large open space that merges with the kitchen. There is a soft modular sofa, a comfortable wooden chair with a rustic feel and a coffee table. A bioethanol fireplace and some firewood, which is kept for decoration only, create a warm feeling and are reminiscent of warming up by the fire in the mountains.

The kitchen area has a concrete island, cabinets built into a green cube, a rustic palette with open shelves and growing herbs. There are plenty of built-in appliances so as not to clutter the room. There are foldable glass room dividers that enlarge the space and connect the bedroom and kitchen area.

The master bedroom is a serene space with floor-to-ceiling windows and accents of green and purple. It is combined with a small home office corner. The desk can also be used as a vanity.

The bathroom is industrial, clad in concrete and covered with a warm wooden wall to make it more welcoming. Planning is easy, functional and creative throughout the apartment.

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