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Industrial Tube Lamp

The In The Tube lamp, designed by French architect Dominique Perrault, is a way of bringing architecture into the home. The concept was based on different goals, including original, almost indescribable, almost unbreakable, timeless and absolutely durable. The lamp collection is available in different lengths, diameters and colors. It consists of borosilicate glass and is closed with aluminum stoppers sealed in silicone.

The In The Tube lamp collection includes strong ideas and shapes that are free and restricted. The lighting object shows Perrault’s inclination to mesh and diffuses a soft, filtered light that can be directed through the movable mesh filter or through a reflector, the color of which determines the light emitted. With brackets made of stainless steel, the lamps can be hung or mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. These lamps can also be used outdoors and they look adorable and are very functional.

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