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Loft Design Warm Shades

This loft by Huniford Design Studio is a unique place, I promise you won’t be able to take your eyes off the photos! A weathered wooden pleasure with the most beautiful art gallery wall in the living room, with a sexy staircase, an even sexier bathtub and a cute roof terrace … I’m seriously dying over this attic! Ready to see all the rooms? Let’s do that!

The living room is decorated so that the longer you look at it, the longer you see. There is a weathered wooden wall and sophisticated furniture made of dark blue and blue velvet that contrasts wood and leather beautifully. A raw edge coffee table and large leather cushion look chic and add texture to the decor. The lighting fixtures and a work of horse art make the space more personal and unique.

The entrance shows a cool staircase with weathered wooden steps and a dark metal base. A rough wooden bench and antler candle holder with a carpet made of artificial animal skin look very cozy and chic.

The kitchen, which is connected to the living room, has weathered wood cabinets, open black metal shelving, and cool faceted lamps above. Rough wooden stools give the kitchen a warm touch and echoed with the coffee table behind it.

The bathroom is decorated with warm wood, tiles and stone. Weathered wood panels and furniture make the space warm and inviting, and a wooden bathtub is a very trendy idea. Rough stone sinks and metal fittings add texture to the bathroom.

Check out other chic rooms in this loft and be amazed!

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