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Lucite Acrylic Furniture Ideas

Lucite and acrylic are super modern materials that are used by many designers for making furniture and decorative items. These items are simple and thanks to the universal design they can fit into any interior, from glamorous to industrial. Lucite and acrylic furniture have many advantages. First, it’s perfect for small spaces as they seem to disappear and are absolutely lightweight, which is essential for a tiny space – bulky furniture clutter such spaces. Second, the unique feeling of lightness and calm is what acrylic furniture brings. Third, such furniture creates a modern and glamorous feel in any room. Now let’s look at some ideas and ways to style such furniture.


Lucite and acrylic chairs are very popular for decorating modern spaces. They may have a modern and edgy look, or on the contrary – vintage design and a modern material, but they always look great. There are cool, completely transparent acrylic chairs that look really invisible in the room, and more comfortable versions with padded seats. Such chairs easily fit into any room: a dining room, study, kitchen, living room or bedroom and give it a modern and glamorous touch.


Acrylic desks and tables are also very popular for decoration, and such a piece is sure to add a modern flair to your space. Bent Lucite coffee tables and brass-coated acrylic coffee tables are great for any living room, from modern to boho. Lucite console tables are often placed in entrance areas because the latter are small and a light and disappearing piece of furniture is just what you need for a tiny space. You can find such tables with silver or brass elements for more chic.


Rock a bed with acrylic posts and metallic corners for a modern, glamorous bedroom or just a girly one. Here you will also find trendy acrylic children’s beds for fashionable kindergartens.

Bar cart

Lucite and acrylic are very trendy for bar carts, they look really chic when they are plain. They look amazing in any shape and with or without metallic details. Organize your home bar easily with such a stylish item.


Lucite shelves or bookcases appear to disappear from any walls, and objects that hold them appear to float in the air. Such a cool and fresh solution!

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