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Minimalist Furniture Collection

Finnish designer Henri Judin focuses on horizontal and vertical lines as well as his love of optical illusions in his latest collection called Parallel Universe. Each design was created in pairs with identical dimensions and shapes, but with opposing lines – one vertical and one horizontal – that make them visually and structurally different.

The liquorice chairs are made of curved, powder-coated steel rods that resemble liquorice candy. The bars on the seats and backrests are arranged in opposite directions, creating a grid when stacked. The liquorice shelves follow the same design as the chairs, with vertical and horizontal bars that look like liquorice.

With op art and optical illusions in mind, the Sun & Moon tables have bases with twisted flat steel rods that form circular illusions.

The y = mx + b lamp is minimalist in design and consists of three black bars, the two middle bars being movable. The lower middle bar folds out to stabilize the lamp, while the top bar can be raised to become a task or reading light.

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