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Modern Lighting Collection

If you are looking for an eye-catching lighting solution that does not stand out too much in a timeless manner and only completes the interior, we have found it for you!

The surprising and magical Organica lighting collection by Hugo Tejada was designed as a central theme in the decorative space, functional and aesthetic, elegant and transgressive, an object that can endure over time.

Its flowing and irregular shapes are inspired by marine elements, coral and natural sponges as well as rocky marine areas: seemingly complex structures with many cavities and porous surfaces that are transferred to a functional and daily object.

The collection has been created using a new technology that allows the creation of irregular shapes without cutting lines or transition changes, creating fluid and closed objects. Different types of lamps were used as the light source, depending on the chosen application.

The play of light is the protagonist, the contrast of light and shadow makes Organica a magical object. The exterior reflects the characteristics of the room it is in, while inside it comes alive when illuminated with warm light intended to penetrate between the various holes of the main body of the lamp to illuminate perfectly without creating shadows produce.

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