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Modern Stylish Apartment

Lim + Lu, a New York-based multidisciplinary design practice, recently announced the complete renovation of a 1,200-square-foot apartment in Happy Valley, Hong Kong. The converted room was converted for a couple with a newly released furniture collection and also functions as the couple’s exhibition space. It perfectly reflects the colorful design aesthetic.

For this project, Lim + Lu examines the diversity of modern life and challenges the limits of conventional house typologies. By simply removing and restructuring the walls in the apartment, the resulting interior is strategically designed so that it appears more expansive and flexible – while also providing privacy. In fact, walls that originally divided the space have been replaced with sliding glass and steel doors so that natural light can flood the newly designed apartment.

The couple moved away from the ubiquity of “industrial chic” and consciously chose colors that would breathe new life into the room. The walls of the living room and bedroom are painted white with black accents to signal areas of relaxation. The kitchen, the study, the walk-in closet and the main bathroom are decorated in pastel and dark gemstone tones – tastefully combined with patterned ceramic tiles. The threshold levels created by the subtle differences in color, textures and materials help keep the apartment fluid and uniform. My favorite combo is an emerald green wall in the bathroom, a black marble counter, and brass faucets that all look sophisticated together.

Lim + Lu carefully designed the apartment showroom to reflect today’s flexible lifestyle. The couple took advantage of this particular aesthetic setting to complement their latest pieces of furniture, which play a prominent role throughout the space.

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