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Outdoor Dining Area Furniture

Eating outdoors is so cool that I just can’t resist doing this every time and if you’re like me you definitely need a cool outdoor dining area. Not sure how to set up your outdoor dining area? First, define your style, then choose the decor you want. I have some ideas for cool furniture for different outdoor dining areas.

Dining table

For a modern space, you can choose a laconic wooden table on metal legs, a dining table with raw edges and rough legs, and a lucite table on metal legs. There are minimal versions of concrete and that’s very cool as it’s not only trendy but also durable. Wooden tables, especially rustic and shabby ones, lend themselves to many types of outdoor spaces, from shabby chic to Mediterranean. Do you want something moody? Opt for a cool swing set with a table and chairs. Both adults and children will be delighted. My favorite idea is a table with a planter in the middle: this is a great way to grow herbs and take them to eat, and it will give your space a cool natural look.


Benches are often used for dining areas because they can accommodate many people and things when needed. If you are limited on space, opt for a bench with storage space inside and cover it with cushions or pillows. You can choose a concrete bench, but cushion it as it can be cold to sit, or opt for a wooden bench that fits easily into many outdoor areas and is easy to hide under the table when not in use. If you find the bench uncomfortable or not soft, you can cover it with pillows or simply upholster it.

Dining chairs

Indoor and outdoor dining chairs should be different – you should consider weather conditions and possible rain. Metal chairs are optimal, durable and can easily be renovated by you. Wooden chairs are very comfortable and fit many types of outdoor spaces. You can also opt for various modern materials that are also very durable and have cool, eye-catching shapes. The chairs can stand out from the table in terms of shape and material to make a trendy statement.

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