House Modern Interiors

Contemporary Vs Modern Interior Design: Everything To Know | Décor A

Dizaino Virtuvė designed a house for a family with two children in a Lithuanian forest, which is a wonderful mixture of modernity and contemporaneity. The 138-square-foot home has a white base on which all of the gray and black tones lie effortlessly. Vaulted ceilings look tall and numerous windows look ...

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Pretty Autumn Porch Decor Ideas

67 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas - Outdoor Fall Dec

There are still two weeks to fall and it is high time to turn the summer decorations of your lovely porch into fall decorations. And here are a few cool tips: Pumpkins in particular! Use them for decoration however you want – put them on the steps, on the porch, ...

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Functional Portable Lamps

Multi Functional Portable LED Lamp rechargeable led emergency .

The outdoor season has begun and portable lamps are super current as you can use them not only indoors but outdoors and even take them with you to picnics and hikes. If you are interested in the latest models, take a look. Originally advertised as a portable light cube by ...

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House At The Volcano

Volcano House back in operation following Kilauea eruption .

This tiny guest house by designer Will Beilharz sits on top of a lava field on Hawaii’s Big Island and overlooks the steam that is created where molten rock flows into the sea. The 450-square-meter house is called Phoenix House because it literally rises “from the ashes” of volcanic activity ...

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Eclectic Home With Retro Vibe

Fitzroy Gastrobar di Central Jakarta. Bohemian / Eclectic vintage .

This edgy and eclectic house with a retro feel in Paris looks heavenly and unique. The owners designed the home themselves and displayed an eclectic collection of possessions in each room. The owners like dark and worn unexpected colors that they refer to as “North Sea colors” because they have ...

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Renovated Mid Century Modern Home In Australia

Renovated Mid-Century Modern Home In Australia - DigsDi

This mid-century Queensland, Australia, was recently renovated by longtime Brisbane firm Robin Spencer Architects. Gorgeous original stone walls, carpentry, indoor planters and the copper colored fireplace that has all been messed up and taken center stage as it should rightly be. Let’s take a look! The living room has a ...

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Mid Century Home With Skylights

Elegant Mid-Century Modern Home With Skylights - DigsDi

This original Eichler in Palo Alto Hills is in an amazing setting amidst the old growth. It is kept in its original state, let’s enjoy its beauty. The house is completely decorated in the combination of brown and cream, which is a warming and classic color scheme. All furniture is ...

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