Eccentric Coil Lamp

Coil Lamp | Yanko Desi

Exactly what powers this lamp is what makes this lamp off! The unusual use of electrical cables as a design element makes the coil lamp such an unusual beauty. If you simply use two intersecting pieces of laser cut acrylic as a frame, the 100 foot extension wire will wrap ...

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Awesome Purple Halloween Decor Ideas

57 Awesome Purple Halloween Décor Ideas - DigsDi

Purple is a very beautiful and dramatic color, and what can be better for Halloween decor? It will look great believe me! Make or buy a cool lavender or lavender wreath from the shade you like and decorate your front door. Sparkling purple pumpkins? Yes, please! They give the style ...

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Industrial Home Colorful Touches

Modern Industrial Home With Colorful Touches - DigsDi

This modern industrial building is a converted factory that was built in the late 1960s. it was given up until the Austrian sculptor and architect Reinhold Traxl gave the building a new life. The raw surfaces form a blank canvas for furniture, design and art. You may see raw concrete, ...

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