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Prefab Cabin In The Wild

Today we live in a world full of stress, duties and so much other tuff. The only way to feel good about yourself is to escape them all from time to time. For this purpose, the Belgian studio ARK created a forest cabin that is only 40m2 but is amazing for the escape!

This prefabricated cabin in the woods is called the Ark-Shelter and was created to detoxify the mind. The apartment is surrounded by openings on each of its five sides, it is completely exposed to its natural surroundings. Each opening brings a new perspective and thus a new ambience.

The transformability of the Ark-Shelter by ARK offers the resident several confinement states. When the side wall and the front window are fully open, it feels like you’re sitting outside. The frosted glass window in the bathroom lets in soft natural sunlight while maintaining privacy. A module inserted into the roof acts as a large skylight and lets in natural light from above during the day and at night so that the resident can sleep under a starry sky.

The Ark-Shelter is designed in such a way that it appears inconspicuous in its surroundings, while it works completely independently of the mains with its solar panels, batteries and a rainwater collector. Automatic heating, cooling and shading systems can be preprogrammed. The double bed automatically lifts into a ceiling panel to reveal a hidden hot tub that completely transforms the space. A central black box divides the arch protection into five different areas. With sliding doors and walls, the room can be changed and divided in many ways. Arch protection can be ordered and placed anywhere you can imagine – wherever you may.

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