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Relaxing Scandinavian Loft

Today we’re sharing another Scandinavian feast for the eyes with textured decor and chic accents. Ready to Pass Out?

The original structural elements have been preserved: there are beautiful wooden beams and antique brick walls everywhere, they have a chic structural look and character. The kitchen features a unique graphic wall and black cabinetry that contrasts with light wood floors and white walls. The dining area has a rustic table with wooden boards and industrial black chairs. Vintage pendant lights emphasize the dining area.

The living room also has a unique wall, but this is covered with wallpaper that imitates chocolate wood boards. There is a large corner sofa, a wooden lamp, and simple modern coffee tables. A rug is added for coziness and comfort.

The kid’s room is no different from the rest of the room: there are wooden beams and brick walls, plus a black vintage crib, and since it’s a boy’s room it looks great.

The bedroom is decorated in dove gray and black, the painted walls add color to the room. Modern bedside tables and dark comfortable beds make the room really relaxing and comfortable. Bedside lamps are really an accent: they have a mirror base and a black lampshade, such a cool and bold statement.

All rooms are laconic and simply furnished, with chic and beautiful design and eye-catching details – this is a real Scandinavian oasis, geared towards comfortable living.

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