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Religious Furniture

Tropel is a brand that aims to challenge and combine the perception of traditional Mexican culture with contemporary art. In collaboration with the talented artist Maurilio Renteria, the Los Wixarika collection embodies Mexican culture and meets functional art. The series of artistic furniture takes on surreal shapes and bold colors and adds humor to its surroundings. If you’re looking for unique and stunning furniture this is exactly what you need – what can be bolder than Mexican motifs?

Los Wixarika is an expression of the religious beliefs of the indigenous community in the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico. The finishing of the thread and beads was guided by Maurilio Renteria’s religious iconography. The Hikuri jewelry boxes were made by applying vividly colored beads to wax and resin, while the two Maxa jewelry boxes were made by pressing yarn into boards coated with wax and resin, which have antler-like arms and legs with hooves that represent the deer god of Wixarika Religion.

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