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Rustic Forest Cabin

If you enjoy spending your vacation out of town, this rustic cabin duo will impress you! It is located near the rural Colorado town of Fairplay in a secluded location with spectacular views, perfectly tucked away in the thick forest for a peaceful vacation.

The house consists of two cedar-clad buildings covered with pitched roofs that create a sheltered space in between, and dense forests that hide the hut provide privacy. The cedar siding on the outer walls was stained black so that the apartments could blend in better with the forest. The two parts are connected by a platform made of non-slip steel deck that does not interfere with the existing landscape.

The interiors are designed with lots of plywood to keep the atmosphere rustic. There is extensive glazing to enjoy the scenic views of nature. The cabins vary in size and the larger one contains an open area for living, dining and cooking, a fitness room and a master suite. The smaller apartment has two bedrooms and a bathroom. The cabins are arranged simply and openly so that daylight and breeze can flow through all sides.

A number of elements help to keep indoor temperatures cool in summer and warm in winter, such as: B. closed and open-cell foam insulation, double and triple windows with low-e glass and roller shutters for barn doors. LED lighting and highly efficient devices reduce energy consumption to a minimum. The cabins are pre-wired for a three kilowatt series of photovoltaic modules that provide all of the electricity required.

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