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Sculptural Spiral Lamp

Lights and lamps are constantly evolving and are not just sources of light like they used to be, but also part of the decor and even a means to make a statement in your interior. There are many lighting-related trends and many fashionable options, but these are modern and futuristic lamps that can really change the room and add a peppercorn to it, even if the room is the most minimalist you can imagine.

Today’s lamp series by Andrii Kovalskyi is one of those lights that are used to change the image of a lamp and completely change your room. Light can move in a straight line, but the spiral lamp collection cannot! This elegant series of sculptural lights is a literal variation on pendant and wall lighting. The artistic design is made possible by modern, flexible LED light strips that are wrapped in warm wood veneer. There are different variations to choose from: vertical spirals, horizontal, horizontal intersections, round and small wall spirals. All of them look very eye-catching and add a chic touch to the decor that is sculptural yet simple. You can choose one of them and create your own compositions for each room. The collection is big enough for everyone and the combination of veneer, which is more of a traditional material, and LEDs, which are very modern, is just stunning! Graceful, stylish and maybe even a little gaudy, they will make a big statement in any of your rooms!

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