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Small Apartment Young Girl

Small apartments should combine functionality and comfort while remaining as spacious as possible. This modern apartment for a young lady is just such an apartment, and functionality is combined with cool design here. Let’s take a closer look.

There is an open layout with a living and sleeping area divided by a wooden shelf – a very functional idea. The sleeping zone has a large bed, a gallery wall above it, some wall lights and a bedside table. The window is covered with pastel colored curtains and you can see a brightly colored chair next to the bed. A television stands on a brightly colored dresser with a banana leaf print. The living area includes a comfortable gray convertible sofa as the owner requested an extra bed for guests. There is also an artificial deer head and some coffee tables and knitted stools. A floral statement wall will remind you that this is a girl’s apartment.

The kitchen is quite spacious, and the passage from the open floor plan is a unique but very modern idea that allows not to disturb those who sleep in the room while cooking. The kitchen is done in white, and to make it more interesting there is a brick wall, geometric colorful backsplash, and brightly printed curtains. A pastel green refrigerator and white cabinets with wood countertops are great for a small kitchen that makes it look bigger.

To liven up the black and white bathroom, you can dilute the monochrome interior with wooden structures and artificial plants in pots.

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