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Smart Dining Table

It’s the 21stst Century and every piece around us is getting smarter and getting more and more new functions. I’m not only talking about gadgets, but also about modern furniture. Today I want to introduce a completely new and unique piece that will become the future of our dining areas – Smart Slab.

Sapienstone Smart Slab from Kram / Weisshaar is a new composite table that integrates Iris Ceramica’s heating, cooling and motion detection technology directly into oversized ceramic plates. Circular heating elements are located directly under the guest plates and keep them at an exact temperature of 42.5 ° C. In the meantime, cooling elements are strategically placed along the table to keep champagne bottles perfectly chilled.

The project, first shown at the Aterlier Clerici exhibition during the Milan Design Week 2016, brings porcelain into the future by adding a layer of discrete technology to the underside of its wafer-tin ceramic plates. Options include heating and cooling units, inductive cooking and charging modules, wireless antennas and transponders, as well as access control systems, switches and actuators. Smart Slab signals the arrival of intelligent textiles in furniture design and opens up a multitude of potential applications that were previously unimaginable in such classic materials.

The top layer of the Smart Slab composite is made of Sapienstone ceramic material, which is resistant to fire, frost, thermal shock, scratches and microbes. The unique composition and structure makes it particularly adaptable and enables a multitude of uses. I can’t think of a more durable and smarter table that cares so much about you and your guests!

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