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Stylish And Creative Tulip Inspired Bloemi Lamp

This lamp was inspired by tulips – and you will see them in their shape – it’s the Bloemi lamp by Italian designer Mario Alessiani for furniture brand Formabilio. The Dutch word “bloem” means “flower” and padded panels based on tulip leaves create a shadow. The rounded panels that make up the shade are sculpted around sections of MDF that are padded with polyurethane foam and then covered with a recycled fabric made from a mix of cotton and acrylic. Six petals are attached to a hexagonal wooden structure that also holds the light bulb in the middle. The sections are arranged in a ring like a flower head and overlap so that they each rest behind the previous one, hiding the wooden frame from view. The lamps hang on a thin wire from the ceiling and the power cable winds up to the ceiling.

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