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Tips To Make Your Small Home More Spacious

A small apartment can be comfortable and visually more spacious if the interior contains the “right” elements. Here are some tips to help you grow your home.

  1. Choose sliding doors instead of the usual ones. A sliding door can save up to 1 square meter. If you swap them all out, you get a lot of space.
  2. Use corners and small areas. Put a closet behind the door. Building in drawers in steps – why not?
  3. Assess the utility of non-standard pull-out elements. This is particularly important in the kitchen – rotating and pulling elements save space.
  4. Choose a multifunctional piece of furniture. Stools and tables with storage space inside, benches with storage space, etc. – the more functions, the better.
  5. Benefit from corner pieces and combinations. Sofas, benches, cupboards and shelves give you more space and you will use every inch.
  6. Put furniture on wheels. Mobile furniture can be moved or set aside if necessary.
  7. Look for stacked items or pieces with many layers. With vertical storage, you drain the floor space considerably.
  8. Use the wall above the window. Arrange long, narrow shelves for baskets or boxes there.
  9. Replace the doors with curtains. Use light or neutral material, it is inexpensive and does not take up space.

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