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Unique Unconventional Apartment

Pippa’s Apartment by Muxin Studio is a downtown house in the Xuhui district of Shanghai, China. Due to the owner’s unique work habits, a multifunctional layout was required that successfully integrated work, study and leisure. The interior design has been tailored to the specific needs and lifestyle of the client resulting in a personal and unconventional space.

The master bedroom was designed by Muxin as a contrast between modern and classic elements. A balcony opens from the room and brings light and fresh air into the room. There is also a bathroom on one side that is relatively open, but if privacy is required the bedroom door can be closed. In contrast to the overall metallic feel of the master bedroom, the children’s rooms are warm and soft. A three-dimensional cloud of light hangs from the ceiling, evoking a child’s imagination.

The salon is the customer’s favorite place at home and should provide a space for contemplation and rest. Sunlight enters through the picture window and trees can be seen through the French windows. Plants and green spaces are used throughout the home to stimulate urban forest ideas. The salon, and the house in general, are also set up as a haven for art. The client’s art collection has been reorganized to meet the different sensory needs of the family. This creates an apartment that is personal and unique. Get more of those amazing rooms below!

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