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Vintage Dressers

Sometimes just one piece of furniture can make a bold statement, attract an eye, create an ambience, and so on, and a vintage dresser can be one of those pieces. Chests of drawers or dressers were used not only for storing items around the home, but also for storing items when traveling. Nowadays, a vintage dresser or dresser will easily fit into your classic, vintage or even art deco bedroom or even bathroom. It’s not just a decoration from historical films.

You can easily incorporate a vintage dresser into your home decor, and there are a few reasons why.

  1. Nice look. Every antique chest of drawers is an example of elegance and grace. Curved legs, flowing shapes, luxurious materials, brass or silver details, beautiful buttons and vintage charm – such a piece of furniture will refine your space!
  2. A vintage chest of drawers for a room is like a little black dress in the fashion world: it is always on point, does not require any additional decor and makes an elegant statement itself. Put some candles, flowers and a mirror on the dresser and voila – you have an elegant piece!
  3. Timeless look. Vintage dressers never went out of style, and they won’t go. There are chests of drawers with different looks, colors, textures and different materials that are always in fashion. So don’t hesitate to buy one or more for your home, it’s a good investment.
  4. Chests of drawers offer space for many things. You can find different versions with different drawers of different sizes and shapes to store everything you need from bedding to tools. They fit in different rooms, from the bedroom to the entrance area. So you definitely need one or more.

  5. Chests of drawers can replace many other things: a bedside table, a diaper changing station, a shelving system, a kitchen island, a vanity and so on. You can easily reuse and change the colors you want using different colors and stencils, removing drawers and creating new ones.
  6. Versatile appearance. When you’re tired of the usual look of your dresser, you can always sand it up a bit, repaint it, change knobs and even shapes, remove and switch drawers and tops. You can give your dresser a completely new look and style.
  7. Convenient storage. A dresser has space for many things inside and you can also use the top for storage and display, so convenient and so space saving!
  8. Unique decor. Many vintage dressers are handcrafted, with hand painting, amazing buttons or handles, and unique patterns and looks. It easily becomes a centerpiece in any room.

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