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Wabi Sabi African Home

From the whitewashed interior to the organic textures, this home is full of distinctive charm. Let’s take a closer look at this peaceful and welcoming space.

The owner decorated it herself. She describes her interior design aesthetic as being inspired by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi way of life. Initially, she opted for natural light, high ceilings, and white walls – this was a necessary base for everyone else.

The living room is overlaid with modern pieces, unique finds, and valuable items that tell interesting stories about specific times and places. The living room is also where the owner balanced some luxury items with high-end budget finds – her most extravagant purchase is a built-in replacement and chimney.

The dining area is light and airy. In the bathroom, a large bathtub conveys the space like a luxurious spa. At the edge of the bath is the most valuable possession: a calabash with etched details, which her father received in Uganda in 1982 when he returned to his home country after the civil war. The master bedroom is full of natural textures and tones and her love for green is evident. The children’s room fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the whole house, there is only one colorful touch – a beanbag. Check out the photos of this amazing home below!

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