15 Chic DIY Projects That Cost Way Less

15 Chic DIY Projects That Cost Way Less


Are you on the mailing list of the most popular furniture stores such as Pottery Barn? You probably notice all of their amazing new products as soon as they get them out but if you were to buy all of the little dressers, console tables and headboards that you like in their catalogs, how long will your paycheck last?

About a minute at the most. We can’t allow you to do that, that is why we have gathered a few DIY projects that have been inspired by stuff seen at Pottery Barn but with a major difference – the price. Most of these projects are simply ideas to transform an already existing item into something that looks as if it came straight out of Pottery Barn without spending much money on materials.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’d like to show you these 15 Chic DIY Projects Inspired By Pottery Barn That Cost Way Less.

Check them out below and you will also find the step by step tutorials that will instruct you how to create these Pottery Barn knock-offs at home. Remember, just because you didn’t spend half of your paycheck at the store doesn’t make them any less awesome. Enjoy!

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