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17 Modern Bathroom Furniture Sets Piaf by Foster

We would like to show you a Piaf collection from an Italian company Foster. The Piaf is a collection of modern bathroom furniture that is presented in large designs and colors. This furniture fits any modern bathroom. It’s very elegant and modern at the same time. Although it is not too minimalistic or futuristic and can also be perfectly adapted to normal apartments. There are furniture solutions for both large and small bathrooms. The furniture changes its style a little depending on the color chosen. For example, it looks pretty sober and sophisticated in a contrasting black and white color scheme. On the other hand, a combination of white roof and wooden cabinets could create a bright and warm atmosphere. Plus, lots of bright bathroom cabinets could be perfectly added to your bathroom to make it cooler and fresher. Almost everyone could find a model that suits their taste and style. For more information on all of these modern bathroom furniture sets, visit the Foster website.

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